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Hair treatments

Our stylists provide over 15 years of experience in the industry with expertise in hair types of all. Our range of hair treatments are influenced by the best interests of our clients.

Natural styles

We work hard to advise our clients with the most effective natural treatments and styles for the promotion of healthiness and growth of their roots.

Protective styles

We pride ourselves on having stylists with unique personalities and styles who remain uniform when it comes to the maintenance and protection of each clients hair.

Tips & tricks

Our stylists spend time revising and analysing their clients to provide honest and tactful advice to the promotion of healthy hair and nails.

New Wave Salon, London

Having trained with the best, and with over 15 years’ experience in hairdressing, New Wave Salon is one of London’s most talented within the industry both in London and across the UK. Our stylists provide treatments in hair, nails and beauty to a diverse client base of men, women and children with all hair types.

Since opening the flagship Salon in Harlesden, London, in 2014, the brand has gone from strength to strength, becoming a premium name in expert, luxury hairdressing and styling. Our reputation for the promotion of care to natural hair, nails and other and treatments carries our Salon’s name throughout London.

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Our Services

Hair Styling

At New Wave Salon we are committed to making you look your best.


Our Nails technician offers the healthiest solution to your tips.

Make up

Our stylists are informed with the best routines and long lasting make up advice.


Our team is equipped with tools that will work to improve your concerns.

Beautiful is being comfortable
in your own skin.

We style to make you feel incredible inside and out.

New Wave Salon is a leading London salon.
Our secret to success is our excellence in client care and keeping
abreast with the latest hair treatment available.


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