We at New Wave Salon advise a healthy daily skin care routine for the nourishment of your pores. To keep your skin youthful and tight, we recommend incorporating natural actives into your regular routine that will make a lifelong difference.

Vitamin C Serum
A well known composite for the activation of powerful antioxidant for your skin. Vitamin C is widely known to help with skin damage and collegan.

Activated Charcoal Cleansers
Activated charcoal is a great deep cleanser and purifying property for your skin. A small amount of activated charcoal can be added to your facial wash where an obvious difference of your skin will be shown.

Physical Exfoliators
Although dependent on your skin type, it is recommended to exfoliate at least once or twice a week. The exfoliation process works to remove trapped dirt and oil from your skin, leaving you with softer, glowing skin.

Eye Cream
Your eyes are more susceptible to wrinkes due to the fine skin that surrounds them compared to the skin of your facial cheeks and forehead etc. Using eye serum in your daily routine will aid the healthiness of the skin to prevent dark circles and wrinkles.

Using a moisturiser that is friendly for your skin is always highly recommended. Moisturers close your pores that have been opened during the cleansing and exfoliating process to prevent any access for bacteria that can cause blackheads and acne.

By using these actives and products, your skin will breathe better giving you long lasting results. Although products are one way of skin maintainence, following a balanced diet will guarantee desired results.