The hairstylists at New Wave Salon in London pride themselves on their advice when it comes to client’s personal hair hygiene. Our stylists have worked on many different hair types with a variety of issues.

The maintenance of hair is to the discretion of each individual however, we notice that although some may wash their hair everyday which can lead to balding or others once a month which leads to some of the effects listed below, both can be equally damaging. Every hair type is different and must be treated like so.

Lack of maintenance can lead to damaging effects such as:
Itchy scalp
Execessive shredding
Smell or odor
Dandruff or flakes
Dryness or stiffness

How to wash your natural hair:

Step 1: Section and wash before shampoo

Step 2: Lather and massage Sulfate Free shampoo into your head to ensure all of the nutrients are being absorbed fully into your scalp

Step 3: Condition. Ensure you are leaving the conditioner in your hair for a minimum of 2 to 3 minutes to activate all of the benefits into your hair. Start with the bottom and work your way to the roots.

Step 4: Dry with microfibre or dry towel. It is always best to naturally dry your hair to lock the moisture following your wash.

We would always advise recommend seeking advice from one of our professionals here in Harlesden. We believe in rectifying unhealthy hair to its most natural and healthy state.